Renovation Experts

Ramar’s expertise in new home construction also makes it the perfect choice for your renovation needs. From freestanding garages, to add-ons, new foundations and interior renovations, Ramar uses the latest proven techniques, quality tradespeople and maintains the highest standards for safety and craftsmanship.

Five-Step System

Our unique 5-step renovation system assists you through each stage of your renovation project, from concept to completion. Take advantage of our showroom and professional staff that will help you with your renovation choices.

We are dedicated to ongoing conversation with clients, reviewing and evaluating every aspect of the job and making the necessary adjustments for a successful renovation.

Desired Results

Renovations are a great way to give your surroundings a fresh new look, while adding value to your home. There’s nothing more satisfying than dreaming of that new kitchen, or imagining that pleasurable family room, then finally seeing it come to life. At Ramar, we make sure your project is a success worth celebrating!

Shawn Marchand

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