Why Ramar?

We take pride in our work and dedicated to providing you with excellent service! Every customer, every home, every project, and every new step forward requires the same level of commitment. The fundamentals that earned us the privilege of serving our past clients are maintained with each new customer.

Service and exceptional value are essential to who we are. If you are one of our current customers or even a prospective customer, this level of quality is what you can expect; it’s what you deserve!

Our future starts with your business. Your new home, renovation project, or new home-site is very important to us. Your project will be undertaken and built as if we were working on our own personal residence! After all, we believe you should love where you live!

Larry Marchand


Darrell Marchand - Owner
Darrell Marchand


Chris Marchand - Vice President - Operations
Chris Marchand

Vice President, Operations

Scott Sim - Vice President, Sales & Home Design
Scott Sim

Vice President, Sales & Home Design

Shawn Marchand - Vice President, Construction
Shawn Marchand

Vice President, Construction

Dana Sibley
Dana Sibley
Kelly McKenna
Kelly McKenna
Joey Conrad - Project Coordinator
Joey Conrad

Project Coordinator

Amanda MacIntyre
Amanda MacIntyre
Steve Costard - Renovations Coordinator
Steve Costard

Renovations Coordinator

Christina Beaton - Home Plan & Design Consultant
Christina Beaton

Home Plan & Design Consultant

Chris Coles
Chris Coles

Ramar’s Story – the Roots of Success

Energy, commitment and passion were the qualities that motivated Ramar Founder Ray Marchand to start a new career at 43, after serving 28 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. While many would have been content to retire, Ray took his life’s savings, his energy and his passion to become the true essence of an entrepreneur. Home building and the pursuit of excellence were in his blood.

In 1985 Ramar Construction was created and those who bought into Ray’s mission would soon realize the stamina that would be required to work alongside him. During the initial years, framing, cleaning, bookkeeping and selling were all part of what was demanded of Ray. Working tirelessly and reinvesting diligently, Ray expected responsive service and exceptional value to be delivered to his homeowners. His vision resulted in what would become the premier builder of single family homes in Atlantic Canada. Being second best to anyone was never a consideration. Whatever it was that drew him to the construction and development industry, it was his pride in his company that resulted in what we enjoy today.

Ray’s leadership by example, his dedication hard work and his highest regard for homeowners is a legacy inherited by everyone who works for him. The benchmark he expects us to achieve is epic. It is the same challenge he set for himself back in 1985 when Ramar Construction was founded.

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